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How Vladimir Sloutsker sent his partner Aleksey Kozlov to prison

8 июля 2017 г. 15:0
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How Vladimir Sloutsker sent his partner Aleksey Kozlov to prison

Former Russian politician Vladimir Sloutsker intends to move to London. Rich Russians always cause serious fears. The biography of Sloutsker will be carefully studied, including scandalous publications on the Internet. Such as an article by Olga Romanova.

Five years ago my husband Alexei Kozlov had a quarrel with his business partner Vladimir Sloutsker, who was a senator of the Federation Council of Russia back at that time. I was totally against Alexey talking to this person at all, much less being part of the partnership, since Vladimir Sloutsker's reputation at that time was already bad.

As a matter of fact now my husband pays for this fatal mistake. It seems that he has already been punished heavily for this, and in the Criminal Code of Russia there is no such article - "For partnership with Sloutsker", although this, in my opinion, is a big omission. Since Sloutsker had already sent all his companions to prison, using the services of the Zoological Court (this is what they ironically call the Presnensky District Court of Moscow, located on Zoological Street, next to the zoo). Next in his list were his partners from the Prosecutor General's Office of Russia. And the sweep has already passed in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, there Sloutsker was serviced by Mikhail Sukhodolsky, former First Deputy of Minister Nurgaliyev.

In the spring of 2007 Sloutsker took the company from my husband (it was called “Union Development”, its documents are kept in Gazprombank, which, as well as the Tax Service, had to ask why the signatures of the general director and chief accountant were replaced). At the same time Sloutsker turned to his friend in the Prosecutor General's Office Victor Grin’ (this is the Deputy Prosecutor General). A criminal case was opened, in a year my husband was arrested. At the time of the arrest, Alexei ordered me to bribe the investigation - as it seemed to him he had almost reached an agreement at that time. I had to do it, being covered by witnesses, because otherwise behavior could’ve been perceived as a betrayal by my husband who was in prison. However, I did not doubt that we were going to be deceived, and in the end we were deceived. My husband quickly realized this, we wrote a lot of statements (like our witnesses did), but, of course, it did not interest anyone. After all, in Russia, to put someone in jail for extorting bribes, it is necessary to give even greater bribes.

It's good that my husband in prison very quickly decided to fight openly, and we began to publish the diary of the prisoner and his wife, called "Butyrka-blog". This is how the usual case of repressing an ordinary entrepreneur has become a well-known case.

Long before the beginning of our first trial, we knew the sentence - 8 years of imprisonment. About the fact that "Kozlov will receive eight years, I arranged it", Sloutsker told almost all of Moscow and certainly the entire Council of the Federation of Russia. And personally to me, and to my husband, and to the former wife of Sloutsker, Olga, and to many other people it is known that in his administrative and political pressure, including on the judges, Sloutsker was greatly supported by his former boss in the Federation Council of Russia, Sergei Mironov.

Our first trial lasted less than a month. The verdict in March 2009 was announced by Oleg Gaidar, the judge of the Zoological court, and the lawyer of Sloutsker, Ekaterina Kaigorodova, wrote the verdict, consulting with colleagues who told me everything in detail. In the first trial from the victim spoke the husband of Kaigorodova - by last name of Trepakov. Immediately after the verdict, Judge Gaidar received a promotion, and Trepakov and Kaigorodova bought a house in the prestigious settlement "Baltia" on Novorizhskoe highway (by the way I also received the documents from "Baltia" – apparently the new tenants weren’t much liked by the neighbors, among which were my acquaintances: Mikhail Shvydkoi, Victor Loshak, and Eduard Rebgun).

Now, against Sloutsker's lawyer, Ekaterina Kaigorodova, a criminal case has been initiated - on charges of a crime under art. 138 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation ("Violation of the secrecy of correspondence, telephone conversations ...", etc., up to 4 years of imprisonment). Carefully following the progress of the situation, I suddenly found out that the representative of the prosecution in our process, Bulysov, is also protecting this cute little baby, he is also a former investigator of the Main Investigation Department, he is also a representative of the Vladimir Sloutsker’s company "Vendort". There is another representative of “Vendort”, this time from the Moscow City Court - however, dismissed from there on the proposal of the court itself, "comrade" Denisov, now also a lawyer (they are employees of the Asnis’ law firm, with whom Sloutsker signed a contract last summer - please tell lawyer Asnis, that some money still stinks strongly).

In the criminal case of Ekaterina Kaigorodova, the former director of the Iskozh plant, Vladimir Tatarenko, also passes, who in 2007 for some unknown reason wrote an application to the General Prosecutor's Office stating that Aleksey Kozlov had stolen the shares of the plant - although the monitoring of changes in the composition of shareholders was not in his job responsibilities. This statement was sent to Viktor Grin’ in the summer evening, who immediately put on it a formidable resolution, and the next morning a squad of security forces arrived at the plant and my husband was forcibly taken to the interrogation, directly from the shareholders' meeting. However, on that first interrogation it was found out that the prosecutor's office urgently needed his passport and biographical data, and the agenda was nothing, a formality.

How we conducted the investigation

Three years and two months while my husband was in prison, my lawyers and I conducted our own investigation - how and why my husband was imprisoned for 8 years. We found forgery, forgery of documents, schemes, bribery...

In short, here is how it was.

In 2006 Sloutsker decided to send to prison his partner named Safaryan. They both owned the company “Finvest”, which, in turn, owned a block of shares of the Moscow plant “Iskozh”. In order not to share the stake with Safaryan, Sloutsker sold these shares to himself.

To do this, Sloutsker first sold the plant's shares to some strange structure called “Eurostroygroup”, “pumping up” Finvest's balance sheet on a promissory note in advance. Then, “Eurostroygroup” sold the shares to the offshore “Vendort”, controlled by Sloutsker. But "Vendort" for some reason did not pay for the purchase, and the shares returned to the seller, “Eurostroygroup". After a while, “Eurostroygroup" sold the stake of the “Iskozh” plant to the company called “Crompton” for the same price.

At the very beginning of this chain of resale, Safaryan lost everything. His property was taken from under his nose, which is a criminal offense. But in the end he was imprisoned, according to Sloutsker, so that Safaryan did not fight for his property. After all, it's difficult to do it from prison. And the verdict in the Zoological court was passed by judge Vasyuchenko, who now is willing to judge my husband, although she does not have the right to do so by law - she is already an interested person.

After sending Safaryan to prison, my husband was next in Sloutsker’s list. My husband Alexey Kozlov was not a shareholder of “Finvest”, and he did not take part in all the transactions mentioned above. For two years he was quietly engaged in the affairs of the factory "Iskozh" as a hired manager, but along through his own company he worked out investment proposals for the plant.

After the quarrel with Sloutsker, the husband lost his own company, spending two years of his life working with the plant. And then my husband was offered to buy shares of this plant, and the lawyers of “Iskozh” proposed it at that. That is to say, the husband had the opportunity to continue to work on the plant - now without Sloutsker, as a shareholder.

My husband thought that he checked everything, and he bought the factory. The deal was formalized in the oldest Russian depository called "Russian Funds", which never had any claims to the husband and who has been swearing in all courts for four years in full legal cleanliness of the sale and purchase.

My husband bought the shares of the plant from the company "Crompton" for 30 million rubles - more than the amount that should be paid under the agreement by the company "Vendort" that never paid. A few days after the transaction, the director of the “Iskozh” plant, Tatarenko, wrote his appeal to the prosecutor's office. And only at the trial it became clear to us that absolutely all the directors of all companies – “Eurostroygroup”, “Vendort”, “Crompton” - had no right to sign any contracts. About "Crompton" we found out in the first trial, in February 2009, but about "Eurostroygroup" - only now. 171 companies were registered on the passport of the alleged owner of “Eurostroygroup”, a student from the provincial town of Yoshkar-Ola Koltsov, which investigators of the Ministry of Internal Affairs knew about a year before the imprisonment of my husband.

That is, the investigators, judges and prosecutors were well aware of the fraud with passports and about the forgery of signatures already when they were judging Safaryan. Safaryan long and unsuccessfully sued and filed lawsuits against the companies "Eurostroygroup" and "Finvest" - that is, against Sloutsker. But Safaryan was not aware of the student Koltsov - although prosecutors could tell him about it. The oldest court decision, which established the fact of Koltsov's sale of a photocopy of his passport, was taken six months before sentencing Safaryan and exactly one year before Safaryan lost the trials on “Finvest” and "Eurostroygroup", allegedly owned by Koltsov.

Therefore, businessman Denis Koltsov from Yoshkar-Ola, invented by Sloutsker, continued to act. He sold and bought multibillion-dollar assets, and prosecutors, judges and police officers did not care. You won’t believe this - after the testimony of this Koltsov, the student, in our trial the judge and two prosecutors did not say anything. And so I'm sure that the non-existent entrepreneur Koltsov will more than once pop up in sentences to innocent people.

Sloutsker applied to Alexei Kozlov the "Koltsov's scheme", which was used on absolutely unknown to me Safaryan. And he showed Kozlov exactly the same thing. In the same court. Only Safaryan was tried by the judge named Vasyuchenko, and Kozlov, a year later, by the judge named Gaidar. And then again by Vasyuchenko - after three years. In parallel - and all in the same court - Sloutsker managed to divorce his wife and take her children from her, and a prosecutor participated in the process, who now accuses my husband, assuring that Sloutsker has nothing to do with his case. The lawyer Kaigorodova participated  in that famous Sloutsker process, who is also the lawyer of the company "Vendort". And also the mother of the lawyer Kaigorodova, mother-in-law of our Trepakov.

In each case, initiated by Sloutsker, the same names, the same companies, the same judges and prosecutors can be seen. Only the names of the defendants change. A crazy judicial machine is ill with bulimia and now it can’t be stopped.

My husband and I only now are fully aware of what really happened to us. In the three years and two months that my husband spent in prison, I managed to prove only that there was really no investigation and trial - the man was imprisoned for nothing. The Supreme Court overturned that sentence and returned the case to the Zoological Court. It could have justified it - but we were sincerely glad that the case was brought back for a new consideration, because it was a chance to establish the truth. And we established it ourselves. Although the court strongly hampered us in it, and the prosecutor's office threatened witnesses of the defense directly in the trial. Almost all of our petitions to call witnesses and to conduct expert examinations were rejected.

How Alexey Kozlov perished

Now we know everything in detail, we are surrounded with documents and court decisions, we even have a decision of the London International Arbitration Court, in which Sloutsker presented a piece of paper - that "A. Kozlov, accused of fraud, was shot dead".

My husband Alexei Kozlov really should have died last year in one of the prisons. We knew about the order for his physical elimination, and I turned to the good and responsible people. They just hid Alexei: the documents for him were sent to one prison, and him - to another. Today we also know a special services officer who, to his credit, refused to take an order for the murder, but he knows who agreed and is ready to tell the investigating bodies about this. It is a pity that such trifles are not of interest to either the prosecutor's office, the investigation, the courts, or the deputies of the Russian parliament.

And another sweet trifle, which my husband and I found out tonight. It turns out, more recently, at the end of February, another court decision was taken on our case. And we did not know it - and this despite the fact that the plaintiffs are sitting in front of us for five months, every day at the Zoological court, and call themselves the prosecution.

We learned that the company “Vendort” again appealed to the arbitration court (for the fourth, it seems, time) and, shaking the long canceled sentence against Alexei Kozlov, again demanded to give her shares of the plant "Iskozh".

The company "Vendort" was rigidly put in place - in the Ninth Arbitration Court of Appeal. Here is how it is remarkably said, for example, on the third sheet of Resolution No. 09AP-22871: "The plaintiff did not provide evidence that he is the owner of the shares of OAO “Iskozh”, the circumstances in accordance with ... substantive law are supported by certain evidence, namely the presence of a record of the owner In the register of owners of securities and an extract on the personal account ".

But in that case, tell us, for God's sake, what my husband and I do for four years in the courts and prosecutors' offices and, most importantly, in prisons?

After all, Alexei Kozlov for four years have been accused of embezzlement of these shares of the “Iskozh” plant, and precisely of the “Vendort” company. And right now, most likely, they will put him in jail back again - and exactly for that. For what doesn’t exist.

Prosecutor Dyadyura and prosecutor Strekalova already demanded punishment in five totally not suspended years for Alexei Kozlov, who allegedly stole from the company "Vendort" something that it never owned. And who paid at the same time 30 million rubles.

However, we read further a fresh solution, which was for some reason concealed from us. It turns out that the company "Vendort", the plaintiff, does not even accuse now Alexei Kozlov of plundering her shares! "The plaintiff turned to the Ninth Arbitration Appeal Court with an appeal <...> and believes that the court did not take into account the circumstances established by the judgment of the Presnensky District Court of 05.03.2009 (LP 114, volume 2), namely that as of May 31, 2007, the only legitimate owner of a 626020-share stake in “Iskozh” was the company “Vendort Traders Inc.”, which were abducted by Samoilov E.G. by concluding a contract of sale of shares against will and by deceiving the owner".

But this is our verdict - both our court and our date, only the surname there was different, Kozlov A.A. But in fact the verdict is completely canceled!

My husband and I know who Samoilov E.G. is. This is the director of the company "Vendort" and its sole owner at the time. How can an owner steal something from himself by deceiving himself and against his own will?

The current representatives of the company "Vendort" say in court that Samoilov resigned as director and his place was taken by my favorite Panamanian friends Caballero Ebar, Berta de Paton and some other named O. Koka - in fact, these are three inscriptions on a tombstone of some grave in a faraway cemetery in Panama. However, how Samoilov E.G. has ceased to be the owner of the company "Vendort" is not known. And neither the court nor the investigation is going to take an interest in it - at least from Sloutsker. After all, his next lawyer, this time an American Jacques Jones, speaking at the Zoological Court, told us plainly that he was hired by the owner Vladimir Sloutsker to work for “Vendort”. And how did Mr. Samoilov lose his property? And for what money?

Nothing about this is reported by Eduard Samoylov, a fellow without citizenship residing in Estonia, never interrogated by either the investigation or the court. It was he, Samoilov, who was threatened by the prosecutor named Dyadyura at our present trial investigation with all the punishments of the heavens and called him a criminal - because the defense, that is I, solicited the summons of Samoilov E.G. and his interrogation as a witness. My husband and I now, literally the other day, found him in Estonia, and he told us and our lawyer how many times the representative of “Vendort”, Trepakov, came to Estonia to him, threatening him, demanding to sign some papers. He told us that Trepakov hired an Estonian lawyer named Alexander Nautz, and that Nautz asked Samoilov to put on a badly beaten-up makeup, in this form to take a picture, and he, Nautz, would send this “artwork” to Trepakov, passing it as documentary. And he suggested dividing in half the money for the supposedly committed beating of Samoilov, received by the lawyer Nautz from Trepakov. Samoylov also told about how he was threatened by Sloutsker himself and his guard Mikhail Peleg, the same Peleg who managed to escape from Russia, from Lefortovo prison, because he was arrested as part of the investigation into the placing a dummy bomb over Sloutsker's office. By the way, it was then that Sloutsker accused Safaryan of placing the bomb.

At that moment Alexei Kozlov and I were not even married yet! And the head of Sloutsker's security service, General Trofimov, and his young wife were still alive - they will not be shot until a month after the bomb story.

How we will live with this

Of course, we petitioned for summoning to court all those who survived after interacting with Sloutsker. Also Sloutsker himself. Of course, we were denied everything.

Of course, both the court and the prosecutor's office did not care a long time for Sloutsker, who left Russia after expulsion from the Russian Senate. Evil tongues say that Sloutsker could not restrain himself and one day reported that he, Sloutsker, is God, to one influential person who has a completely different "God", in the person of the Russian president.

Now Sloutsker gives evidence in the Israeli court - there he initiated a new trial, suing Olga Slutsker again. As far as I know, in Israel, he said that he suffered in Russia from anti-Semitism, and for the faith, and in general he is personally pursued by the "bloody Putin regime" in full force. So he is a political refugee and a victim.

That is, our court and our prosecutor's office is not interested in him at all.

Today, in the Zoological Court, judges and prosecutors defend themselves from me and my husband. And also the investigation team that conducted the investigation of our case - it was headed by Colonel N.V. Vinogradova, who one year after the arrest of my husband began to deal with the case of Sergei Magnitsky... This is ghouls protecting themselves from us, whose place is not in court, even Zoological, but in the terrarium. In the “poisonous snakes” group.

Olga Romanova.

«Novaya gazeta» № 28  March 14th 2012


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