SL Casino Riga — the best place for gambling people in the capital of Latvia

Riga is remarkable in many ways, but now it occupies a special place in the hearts of gamblers because in the very center of it is the casino of a VIP level with the best machines, beautiful interior and professional workers.

This is SL Casino Riga — it’s a replenishment in the family of the brand Shangri La, known throughout the CIS. One can visit their best casinos in Belarus, Armenia and Georgia. The Latvian house began working in the autumn of 2017.

It is a daughter company to Storm International, whose history began back in 1992. It is noteworthy that the first Moscow casino formed strict rules of service and fair play. The emphasis was on respecting the players, thus the brand has earned a reputation and gained popularity. Visiting the Storm International casino, the guests know that they will be adequately received and will be offered the best entertainment.

The newcasino (Latvia) is located in the Grand Hotel Kepminski — a chic place in the center of the capital. The advantage of location is that you can get to it from the airport in just twenty minutes and the key city sights are located in the minutes of walk.

The hotel was opened immediately after the completion of the repair works of the hotel. SL Casino has a separate entrance to ensure that the guests of the casino are as comfortable as possible. The interior is thought out to the smallest bits and is filled with chic details: English furniture, carpets, Italian fabrics, rare European decorative elements. Designers also picked up the ideal muted lighting and soft tones, so that nothing distracts from the most important thing — playing and relaxing.

Let’s look inside SL Casino

Halls of the casino occupy as many as two floors, because of which visitors have six hundred square meters of space. Guests are offered luxurious interiors and VIP-level service. A little more than a hundred employees are responsible for service. They speak not only Latvian but also English and Russian.

Downstairs there are slot machines created by the best world brands, among them are Aristocrat and Novomatic games. The slot-hall is beautifully decorated, and the participants of games have more than fifty slots for their entertainment. A lot of themes and ways of playing are being offered. Nearby, there is a cozy sports bar for a pleasant pastime with friends and a glass of a noble drink. An ideal place to watch a match of your favorite team.

On the second floor one can find gaming tables — there are more than ten of them. A variety of classic games pleases everyone, there is a roulette, as well as classic card games from poker to blackjack. For those who want to relax in a private atmosphere and are bid at high stakes, there is a VIP club with all conveniences.

Interesting events in SL Casino

With the opening of the casino, the city received an excellent place for elite parties. Here they are held on holidays and weekends. And what has to be noted is that they include festive drawings. An excellent example is «Winter Fun». This show program with a bright entertainment part and coveted prizes had a lottery of 30 000 euros. Everyone who had a ticket could have win.

Such events are a good tradition in the Shangri La casino network, and therefore in SL Casino Riga, as well. You can read about them in advance on the .

Storm International — is a confident start and a worthy continuation

The company Storm International was founded in 1992, and its first casino was opened the same year in Moscow. Owner and founder of the casino is Michael Bottcher — an entrepreneur from England. He was able to create a network that received an excellent reputation due to good attitude towards clients.

The first casino became popular in Moscow, then — in the country as a whole. Over time, the network expanded, several VIP establishment work in several CIS countries, and a network of gambling halls in Germany was also opened. Now there is an online casino site —

The sincere love of visitors for Shangri La brand could not be unnoticed. So, in 2016 the Tbilisi branch was recognized as the best casino of the year. Thecasino hotel in Riga confidently strives for such a title in Latvia now.